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Exploring Putin's annual news conference

Wordcount per presser

id n
Putin 2012 36495
Putin 2013 31897
Putin 2014 23459
Putin 2015 23233
Putin 2016 27779
Putin 2017 28521

What are the most frequent keywords across all pressers

Here are different ways to look at the words most frequently found in all annual news conference.


What are the most distinctive words of each presser?

The following wordcloud compares the frequency of words across speeches, showing the words that are most frequent in each of the speech and are at the same time less frequently found in other speeches.

Selected keywords

Words with positive/negative connotation

The following wordclouds highlight the frequency of words which have a positive and negative connotation according to the lexicon by Bing Liu and collaborators.

All pressers

Putin 2012

Putin 2013

Putin 2014

Putin 2015

Putin 2016

Putin 2017

What about the “people”

This wordcloud is based on all words included in the same sentence as “people”.

About the author

Giorgio Comai is a researcher at OBC Transeuropa, crunching data with EdjNet, previously at Dublin City University. He is on Twitter. His website is https://giorgiocomai.eu/.